How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoo Sessions?

If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo or know someone who has, you might know how addictive it can be. You might want to get more tattoos if you loved your first one and want to experience it again, have extra money and ideas, or want to complete a sleeve quickly.

How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoo Sessions?

On average, you should wait about two to three weeks before getting another tattoo. However, the actual waiting time could be several months if your body takes longer to heal. Factors that affect the waiting time include your body’s healing process, your budget, and the availability of appointments. Always wait until your previous tattoo is fully healed before getting your next one.

Choosing a Design You Love

A tattoo is mostly permanent unless you invest in an expensive and painful removal process. It’s important to carefully consider your choices before getting inked. Getting multiple tattoos quickly gives you less time to think about your decisions, which increases the chance of future regret. Take your time to reflect and choose designs you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Artist Availability

Consider artist availability when planning multiple tattoos. If you trust a specific artist or want their unique style, rushing may conflict with their schedule. Skilled artists often book weeks or months in advance. Getting the wrong tattoo can be a lifelong mistake, and choosing the wrong artist can also lead to poor quality. Plan carefully to get the right tattoo from the right artist.

Artist Availability

Your Tattoo Needs Time to Heal

Small tattoos may heal quickly, while larger ones can take at least three weeks. A tattoo is an open wound from needles inserting pigment into your skin. Your body needs time to heal and fight infections.

Getting another tattoo while the first is healing can overstress your immune system, causing pain and increasing infection risk. If you often get sick or care for young children, take extra caution and allow more time between tattoos.

Consider Your Wallet

Budget concerns are a valid reason to wait between tattoos. Tattoos can be costly, often costing hundreds of dollars each. Make sure your bills are covered and avoid choosing cheaper artists who may lack talent, safety, or reliability.

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